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The refrigeration industry is undergoing major changes yet again as mandated by the
Environmental Protection Agency.

Most if not all the refrigerants ( like Freon - a brand name of DuPont's R-12 refrigerant ) used presently in your equipment
are going to be 'phased out' ( taxed so heavily they will no longer be of practical use ).

This means that that your existing machines will have to be retrofitted to the new refrigerants or

be obsoleted when they need repair or service.

This can be costly - that's the bad news -

...the good news is that the costs can be minimized if the people working on your equipment

know how to make that happen - and we do!

Find below some links with information about what is coming and how you can prepare for it.

Link 1: SNAP Article
Link 2: PhaseOutFacts Info Site
Link 3: Chemours R-22 Alternatives Article

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