Hello Refer Inc.


...Commercial Refrigeration Sales and Service...

Serving the Greater Seattle Area since 1984

We are service and repair specialists - if it can be fixed at reasonable cost, we'll fix it for you.

If your equipment has reached the end of it's useful economic life and it really is time to replace it, we will tell you so

and provide you with options that will hopefully fit your budget.

To help you keep your equipment running at optimal performance, we can provide regular maintenance that will

save you money in the long run.

Most refrigeration equipment requires service 3 to 4 times per year to prevent compressor overheating.

We can schedule maintenance for you at times that work for you, just let us know when that is and we will put it on our calendar.

If you prefer to do your own maintenance to save money, we'd be happy to show you what you can do -

and what is best left to professionals (us) so you don't damage your equipment by accident.